When a baby turns one in Hawaii...

The first birthday celebrations are an important tradition in Korea but also in Hawaiian culture. We celebrated Ka'iwa's first birthday with a traditional Hawaiian luau. He is one sixteenth Hawaiian.
This adorable family is about the partake on a luau feast they prepared with love in a three day span.

My tiny mermaid the big sister.
Day 1:  Dad dug and prepared an Imu, a lava rock roasting pit and began to heat the rocks.
Day 2: Imu was lined with sand, banana pulp, banana leaves. The pork wrapped with layers of tea leaves was placed inside. Imu was then closed with layers of banana pulp, leaves and sand and is left to cook overnight.
Day 3: Lau Laus were prepared for steaming. Lau Laus are made with taro and tea leaves, wrapped and tied the old way. Inside each lau lau is some meat,
fish and garlic. This was my frist time making lau laus. So beautiful!
Finally the Imu is opened and the roasted food is unearthed.
Also on the table were Lomi lomi salmon,
baked breadfruit, poi, rice, kimchi and so much more, ending with lemon pies made by the other grand mother.

Day 4: Huge beach barbecue party for all.

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